Julia Grace

Julia is a software engineer, electronics maker and avid athlete. She is currently Head of Engineering at Tindie where she was the first employee and built the engineering team from the ground up (here is a little more about Tindie).

Prior to joining Tindie, she was CTO of WeddingLovely (a 500 Startups company), Product Manager at a mid-stage startup, VigLink, and a Research Engineer as part of one of the world's top User Experience Research groups at IBM Almaden Research.

Julia holds a BS with Honors and MS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where her research focused on both distributed systems and human computer interaction.

Perhaps you're looking for her Intro to Hardware Hacking on the Arduino?


Julia is a mentor at the Hackbright Academy (10-week accelerated software development program designed to help women become awesome programmers). She also mentors women studying computer science at both Stanford and her alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Women she has mentored have ended up at companies such as Square, Buffer, GetSatisfaction, Trulia, attended Hacker School and even started companies.

Julia sits on the advisory board for the Computer History Museum. She is head of the Growth and Engagement Committee, where she leads the effort on use data to quantify and improve awareness about the museum among young professionals. She has moderated panel discussions and organized speaking events centered around the museum's "Future History Makers" event series, which have included the founders of startups such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Eventbrite, AirBnB, Getaround, CloudFlare and many others.

Julia is also on the industry advisory board for the California Polytechnic State University's Computer Science Industry Advisory Board. She helps shape Computer Science curriculum for the next generations of engineers, and created a mentorship program connecting industry board members with women studying computer science.


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Fun Facts

Julia is a former collegiate rower and avid runner. Her favorite distance is the half-marathon. She writes code everyday (mostly in Python, but also JavaScript). She was interviewed by the Yahoo! Developer Network about her role as CTO of WeddingLovely, she wrote an article for Women2.0 about how she stays focused while being a visible, active member of the female tech community and in 2012 she was named one of Forbes' Female Founders Of Tech Startups With Solid Technical Chops.

She has been interviewed about the Hardware Revolution.

She is married to Luis Cheng-Guajardo and lives in Silicon Valley.